My best friends wedding!

I had the honor of being a part of my best friend’s weddings in Punta Cana this summer. We stayed at the beautiful resort, Now Larimar.  Anyone who knows me knows I HATE and I mean HATE public speaking.  I am an absolute nervous wreck when having to give them.  I am a crier, like full blown – weddings, movies, happy-exciting times, even commercials get me going (Sarah McLachlan’s ASPCA commercial – come on who doesn’t that get to cry?)  This speech was no different. 

The key to a successful speech (for me, the crier) is to add in funny stories with all the sentimental stuff – that way I can get breaths in between all my tears.

Jaimi and I have been best friends for 16 years.  Our relationship is like no other – we are very similar and very different in several ways.  When it comes to love we are very similar we are both hopeless romantics – I love that about her – I always said she would be the perfect girlfriend (now wife) – probably the reason she makes such a great friend.  We are also very different – Jaimi is a straight shooter – she say’s what she means and means what she says. Me, you ask?  I am a full-blown people pleaser – I envy her on that.  She motivates me, supports me and loves me for exactly who I am and I could not love her more for that.

Below is my Matron of Honor speech I gave at her wedding in June and some pictures of her Bachelorette party and wedding in Punta Cana!


“I want to start off by saying that every once in a while two people meet, and you know it’s meant to be.  You know instantly that the stars have aligned and their paths would bring them together regardless what the world may through their way.  This was clearly the case 16 years ago, when Jaimi and I first met.

Like I said, I’ve known Jaimi for the past 16 years.  We know more about each other than we probably care to.  When you’ve been close to someone for this long, you gather a lot of juicy secrets and hilariously embarrassing stories, however, I will spare you from those stories because 1. It would take me days to tell them all and 2. Because I respect Jaimi too much to embarrass her on what is supposed to be one of the best days of her life.  But, if you happen to catch me anywhere else, the embarrassing stories are fair game.

Okay well, maybe I’ll share a few.

I have always said that “every brunette needs a blonde best friend” and I truly believe that is true.  Jaimi and I balance each other out. 

For example, the first time Jaimi and I really became good friends was when she was hosting (and by hosting I mean her parents were out of town and she was throwing a binge drinking house party in her parents basement) – sorry Laura & Phil! 

That night Jaimi had a few too many cocktails and was hanging out with a friend of hers, his name was “Mr Toliet”.  During this time, Jaimi was preoccupied in the bathroom, the party was getting a little too out of control so I took over and kicked everyone out of the house – you’re welcome Laura & Phil.

See what I mean by balance now?!?

Another time, when Jaimi was working as a cocktail waitress at the Casino I came in with Nikki and Breanne after a few too many cocktails and Jaimi refused to serve me.  Yeah, you heard me right, refused to serve her best friend alcohol because she said I “didn’t need anymore, and that I was lucky I was even allowed onto the boat”.  RUDE!  Well, I showed her and found another waitress who WAS willing to serve me and walked right by Jaimi “threw up my drink” and smiled.  In all reality, she was probably, and by probably I mean definitely right- I didn’t need more alcohol.  We again balanced each other out.

If you want a real good time though, like the best time, find us on the days that we are both on 10 and the “balance” we sometimes show turns into an amazing shit show – it’s a good time … you will see later tonight.

In all seriousness,

I may sound cliché, but I cannot think of two people more suited for one another.  Joey’s outgoing and infectious personality encourages Jaimi to step out of her comfort zone and experience things she would have never attempted without him. Joey has that fun down for anything personality and it has been making Jaimi smiles for as long as I can remember.

Joe, I can’t thank you enough for making Jaimi so happy.  You are smart, compassionate and funny and it is with comfort knowing Jaimi will always have you by her side.  You are everything and more that I could’ve hoped for, for my best friend.

Before this moment you have been many things to each other – acquaintances, school mates, friends, companions, lovers, and dancing partners.   You have laughed, cried, matured and have become stronger as a result of one another.  Today is not only a celebration of where you are now and the road ahead, but the road that has brought you here. 

From high school dances, to college party days to engagements, marriages, babies and to this very day, Jaimi has been my best friend.  She is honest, loyal, smart and beautiful.   Thank you for being such a wonderful friend to me and such a great Aunt to Baby Anna.  We could not love you more.

Jaimi and Joe, May you live forever in love and may love live forever in you.

If everyone would raise their glasses now and join me in congratulating the beautiful bride, “Princess Jaimi” and the handsome groom. 

Congratulations to you both.”


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