Hi everyone, I’m Michelle!

Style JAMs is a fashion and lifestyle blog written by yours truly. I am the wife to my love Jay and the mother to our beautiful daughter, Anna. Jay and Anna are the reason I started Style JAMs – so I could have an outlet to share some of my favorite things with others. I love fashion, home decor, cooking, traveling & spending time with my loved ones which are just a few of the things you will see throughout my blog. Jay & Anna are also the motivation behind the name Style JAMs – Jay, Anna, Michelle = JAM. I have always been obsessed with ‘JAM’ because it is my dad’s initials (total daddy’s girl)! It wasn’t till after we had Anna that I realized the JAM continued  with our names, and it kind of stuck!

I was born and raised in Illinois and attended undergrad at Illinois State University & graduate school at University of Iowa. I received my Bachelors & Master’s degree in Social Work. I love working with people and find so much joy in helping others. Currently, I am a stay at home mom to our little one, Anna. When I am not blogging, you can find me hanging out with family & friends, cooking, golfing, shopping and traveling.

I hope Style JAMs gives you some inspiration, and you enjoy following along on this journey with me!  Feel free to reach out via email or instagram with any questions.